Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Winair

Winair, a Spanish airline focusing since its creation in August 1961 on regional flights.

Jurists reachable in 2 minutes, by form:

For any question about a dispute, litigation relating to the compensation of air passengers, ... You will have answers to all your inquiries in less than a minute.

To complain of moral inconvenience, you no longer have an interest in having a lawyer. You can now build and assemble your claim file online on your own, then with a single click, you can send it to specialists in claims for air consumer rights, etc.

Calculate your compensation in 30 seconds:

The distance of the journey must be compared with that of the following scale:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

Flight delays are still causing outrage among passengers. Revolting against his airline cannot help the victim to obtain compensation for his damage.

Although the law is by the side of delayed passengers, the latter can only ask for assistance from the specialists in litigation in the air transport of passengers.

Being faced with such a situation with Winair can save you several hundred euros. Two-hour delays entitle you to a snack while three-hour delays give you access to economic compensation.

Flight cancellation

Panic at the airport because of a flight cancellation? Passengers in this case have rights to defend, compensation to claim, ...

The regulation grants each of the canceled passengers the right to reimbursement and monetary compensation except in the event of an exception: The carrier proves that it was not able to control the situation (the arrival of a weather disturbance, problems related to the control tower,…).


Several inconveniences can occur at the airport, making you arrive late at your destination, including denied boarding. Getting on the Winair plane may not be as easy as you think. Despite being presented for check-in or boarding at the scheduled time and under conditions set by their airlines, some travelers are prohibited from boarding their aircraft due to overbooking. European regulations do not prohibit carriers from over-selling seats. However, it requires them to respect the rights of their overbooked passengers by offering them compensation.

Missed connection flight

Combining two trips can be beneficial for passengers who want to travel on a budget. However, arriving on time at their destination depends mainly on the takeoff time of the first aircraft. The initial flight must not be delayed, otherwise the passenger may not be able to catch his second plane. Missed connecting flights are compensable, unless the event that caused the delay is qualified as exceptional circumstances (weather, problem relating to the control tower or the airport runway, etc.).

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