Claim compensation in case of missed conenction

Traveling on a flight of two routes? The traveler is still in danger of missing his second flight due to the late arrival of the first.

To miss his correspondence? This can have less detrimental consequences for passengers if they travel with a single air ticket, or a single reservation number, because in case of disruption of the initial flight, it is the operator who will take charge of his customers by placing them on another link.

In addition, by booking a flight consisting of two routes, served and provided by two different air carriers, passengers may miss their correspondence if the delay recorded on the arrival of the first flight is excessive. In this case, the airline serving the second flight is relieved of any responsibility for delayed passengers by not proposing them reimbursement or compensation.

How much can you earn?

To be compensated in case of missed correspondence? According to the regulation adopted by the EU parliament, we have access to the financial compensation that is evaluated based on the itinerary of his flight.

250 €: for any trip of less than 1500 Km,
400 €: for a connection of a route between 1500 and 3500 Km,
600 €: For long-haul flights (more than 3500km).

At first, we must always keep in mind that this can happen to everyone. Missing his correspondence can have a more serious impact on the passenger when the latter travels for an important appointment (meeting, job interview, ...). In any case, we must react quickly when we discover that his plane took off without him. The traveler can claim compensation from the airline that is responsible for the disruption of his trip.

Have monetary compensation? It can help to limit the damage, thus reducing the negative impact that this kind of damage can have on travelers.

Compensating for delay

The European Parliament provides for compensation in case the company does not transport its passengers at the agreed time. Flights accumulating three hours or more of delays are eligible for compensation knowing that the latter is calculated on the basis of the journey traveled by the aircraft.