Claim compensation for delayed flight

Your flight was delayed by several hours? In accordance with the EC Regulation 261/2004 defining the rules for the protection of air passengers, the airline must serve you and all passengers traveling with you on board meals + drinks in addition to two free telephone calls. This assistance is provided from a delay of two hours whereas if the takeoff of the plane will take place only after several hours of delay (3H), you can offer much more than meals and refreshments, you have the possibility to get a compensation of 250 euros or more, and it has nothing to do with the price of your ticket.

You can get up to 600 euros even though your plane ticket is worth 60 euros. The value of the compensation to be offered by an air operator is not related to the amount of the ticket, but rather to the distance of the journey between the airport of departure and the destination of arrival.

Get up to 600 €

As an air passenger, and under the Air Consumer Rights Act, you are entitled to compensation. Claim your rights and receive 250 euros, 400 euros or 600 euros respectively for each flight of -1500km, -3500km and + 3500km.

Fill out the form immediately and receive your money without the need to make any effort.

When you find yourself stuck at the airport for three hundred minutes (five hours), in this case you can choose between:

- Enjoy a free night (accommodation in a hotel) while ensuring your travel to and from the airport and your accommodation (service offered by the airline).

- Cancel the reservation of your flight and ask the company to refund the fare paid for your ticket.

In all cases, your operator must pay compensation to all delayed passengers, who are in possession of a boarding pass. This is an additional compensation for the inconvenience they have incurred at the airport due to the delay caused by their flight.

Eligibility conditions?

The flights giving rise to the financial compensation are those operated by carriers whose head office is located in an EU city or those which are scheduled from the EU airports.

Your company is exempt from paying you an indemnity if it can prove that the delay causing the disruption of its traffic to your airport, is due especially to uncontrollable circumstances such as rainstorms, volcanic eruption, controllers' strike at the airport. airport, ...