Claim indemnity for overbooked theft

"Sorry your place is overbooked, go to the ticket office and we will give you directions to follow", This bad surprise that is announced to some travelers on the day of departure can turn their trip into a nightmare.

Overbooking, which is also known as overbooking, is an airline practice of selling more plane tickets than seats available in their aircraft operated on the airlines concerned.

This damage is now reparable, it gives right to compensation, as well as delays and cancellations.

In case of overbooking, passengers may voluntarily leave their plane in exchange for financial compensation knowing that their airline guarantees them seats on the next flight serving their destination.
Although no one wishes to leave his seat and leave his place to another traveler, but this prejudice can give him access to compensation for a large sum of money.

According to the scale established by the European Parliament defending and protecting the rights of air consumers, they are allowed to file a complaint against their operator by claiming compensation of 250 euros, 400 or 600 euros. The amount is calculated based on the distance of the route to be traveled by the aircraft.

Transform your overbooking into a source of revenue!

Your flight has been overbooked? You do not stress anymore to see your plane take off without you. Your operator must not only offer you another routing solution to your final destination, but also offer you a sum of money of a minimum amount set by the European Parliament at 250 euros.

Are you faced with overbooking? As the airline has prevented you from boarding, it must repair this inconvenience by offering compensation of 250 euros minimum.

To enjoy it, just prove your presence on the flight by keeping in your possession, the boarding pass.

Instead of putting yourself under pressure by triggering a claims procedure in court, just fill out an online claim form, so you can be compensated without leaving your couch!

Are you overbooked?

You are entitled to certain services including airport pick-up (possibility to restore, refresh, ...).
In addition, you have the right to be compensated. The amount that the operator must pay you is the amount offered to travelers who experience delays or cancellations.