Claim compensation for canceled flight

Every day, millions of passengers go to the airport to board and reach their destination. There are passengers who travel for work, others who go on holiday, or for excursions and hikes, ...

After completing their baggage check-in process, and waiting for the boarding gates to open, they are suddenly surprised by the message on the billboard announcing that their flight has been canceled.

In similar situations, passengers often ask for the reasons for canceling their trip, moreover, their airline does not hesitate to invoke exceptional circumstances to justify this inconvenience (bad weather, mechanical problems on another flight preventing takeoff of his, ...).

Significant indemnity

Propose another flight to the passengers? This is the least that an airline can do to repair the inconvenience it has caused to its customers. They deserve much more to be reassigned on an alternative flight. According to the European regulation 261-2004, they can even claim a sum of money whose amount is between 250 and 600 euros.

Logically, the air carrier must respect its contract with the passenger by serving his flight at the time indicated on his ticket, representing his travel contract.

The air services laws also state that in the event of an unforeseen cancellation of the flight, the airline is obliged to place its passengers on another route as soon as possible.

Until their operator offers them another rotation, passengers can use meals + drinks, of course, from the moment when the cumulative delay exceeds the threshold of two hours.

Passengers may also be compensated when the take-off of the new route takes only three hours. Obviously, to take advantage of this right, their airline must be based in a country that is a member of the European Union or that their flight is scheduled from an EU city.

What should the airline offer you?

An air carrier can not release itself from compensating its passengers when the disruption of its flight schedule is not attributable to extraordinary circumstances such as the strike of airport agents or air traffic controllers, ... or the weather conditions are inappropriate for taking off planes, ...

You, as a wrongdoer, have the opportunity to ask your operator to offer you compensation. Regardless of whether you choose to take another flight or cancel your ticket for a refund, asking for cash compensation is your right!