Claim indemnity from your airline

Passengers are considered to be victims of air damage when their flight is delayed or when their connection is canceled without advance notice, or when they are refused at the boarding gate due to overselling plane tickets. This phenomenon is also known as overbooking.

You, too, have experienced the same fate as the thousands of travelers who are harmed every year? From now on, nothing can ruin your trip on board. Any inconvenience you experience at the airport, caused by your carrier, is monetized. In addition to the need to offer another travel solution by placing you on another flight, your airline must offer you an allowance whose amount is calculated based on the distance of your flight.

To be entitled to compensation? This is not possible unless the following conditions are met:

- Take off from the airport 180minutes (3h) after the initial departure time;

- Flight delayed (unless passengers were informed two weeks in advance);

- Overbooked flight;

- Liaison operated by a European Union company or from an EU airport;

- The damage is not caused by major forces (storm, strike at the airport, ...).

What are the factors determining the eligibility of the theft for compensation?

Three factors can determine whether your flight gives or not, access to financial compensation:

- The seat of the airline: Air carriers operating at European airports are covered by Law 261/2004 regardless of whether the flight would be served from or from an African, Asian, American or European country.

- The departure airport: All flights scheduled from a European city (EU) are eligible for compensation, regardless of the name of the company offering the flight.

- The nature of the damages: Flight delayed because of a failure that occurred to the device? In this case, the airline is held responsible for the disruption of your trip, therefore, it must pay you compensation.

On the other hand, if the inconvenience to which you were confronted is at the origin of major forces whose inconvenient weather for the takeoff of the planes, the political instability in the city of departure or arrival, the air carrier is released from compensation.

- You chose to be defended by a law firm? A commission of 30% will be deducted from the sum recovered. However, no fee will be applied in case your file is not settled.