Claim compensation for your prejudice with Tui Fly Belgium

Tui Fly Belgium, the Belgian airline, serves scheduled flights to one hundred and sixteen destinations including sixty two cities in Europe and twelve cities in Africa.

Passengers who fly on the lines proposed by TFB are able to claim compensation if their plane lands with a delay that exceeds three hours.

The air allowance stipulated in European Regulation EC 261/2004 aims to repair the various injuries caused by operators to their passengers.

Keep your mind healthy by turning your case over to a legal expert:

The request for compensation can be made at the initiative of a lawyer who is able to defend a victim by confronting the airline causing the inconvenience.

Firms are engaged in the defense of travelers delayed by their carriers, put at your disposal lawyers who can assist you remotely in your claim procedure.

Lawyers have a real purpose for you because they help you get compensation without any procedure. You save valuable time and money.

What factor can determine your compensation:

The flight distance is the only one that can define your compensation:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Delay of more than three hours

A few tens of minutes before boarding, passengers are contacted by the flight crew to inform them that their flight will not take off on time. It is true that this situation is not pleasant for passengers at the airport, but will it be their reaction if they discover that this inconvenience can generate money for them?

In such a situation, travelers are always winners. Things are even less complicated when transported by an EU operator. In case of inconvenience, the passenger can receive compensation even if his airline connects two destinations that are outside Europe.

Flight cancellation

In the air transport sector, undue delays are prohibited, so what about cancellations of flights?

Air carriers such as Tui Fly Belgium are sanctioned by a law that has been established in effect to protect the air consumer (who is the passenger) and preserve its rights that are not protected by its operator.

Fines imposed on airlines must be paid by transfer, cash or check. They are willing to compensate their victims up to 400 euros on average to repair their damage.


In order to fill the coefficient of filling the seats of their flights, airlines are turning to overbooking.
Air carriers of which Tui Fly Belgium envisages that some passengers arrive late at the airport and miss their flights, therefore, they put on sale additional air tickets whereas on the day of departure, if all passengers with tickets are presented at check-in and then at the airport, the flight will be considered overbooked.

The overbooking is fortunately covered by the lump-sum compensation imposed by the regulation to airlines over-selling airline tickets.

Missed connection

Are you traveling on a two-way flight, and after stopping, have you discovered that your second flight has already taken off from your airport runway? It is quite possible that your first connection has landed with a significant delay by preventing you from continuing your journey to your final destination.

This case, which is repeated daily in hundreds of airports around the world, can be repaired via monetary compensation.

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  1. The flight was delayed for 8 hours!
    We missed the connection flight!
    We had to buy tickets for the new flight and pay for the luggage!
    We had to wait all day long for another flight !
    We had to buy the tickets to the connection flights to get our city airport !
    We had to overnight in the ugly hostel near the airport!

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