TT Line ships used daily by passengers to cross the Baltic Sea

The German private group which operates numerous maritime services between the various coastal cities in Germany and the port cities located in the south of Sweden.

Born in 1962 and based in Hamburg, the company provides its vast clientele with a fleet made up of seven vessels operating in the Baltic Sea (Nils Holgersson, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Nils Dacke, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn and Marco Polo .

TT-Line is not a simple company ensuring expeditions and crossings, but a real collaborator contributing to the tourist promotion of the Scandinavian country and the country of Eastern Europe (Polgne). He has already won the prestigious Lucia Prize for having contributed significantly to the increase in the number of German tourists visiting Swedish destinations.

The German carrier was among the few committing to operate on shipping lines by operating environmentally friendly ships and boats.

With up to seventeen routes operated daily, TT Line deploys its vessels daily off the Baltic Sea to connect the main ports of the Western European country to Trelleborg, Sweden’s southernmost city. It also offers fast connections to Poland.

Each year, the German company travels nearly two million and five hundred thousand passengers on board ships offering them the best comfort while meeting the various safety requirements in force.

An efficient after-sales service, accessible 7/7

The employees responsible for customer support at TT Line have the necessary skills, making the company’s customer service a real solution allowing them to manage the dissatisfaction of customers who are victims of harm that can be caused by problems and situations that are poorly controlled by the company. (missing service, mistreatment of the client, etc.), or simply by unforeseen events, including delays in crossings caused by the disruption of departure times due to problems relating to the shipping business or sometimes to situations that are out of of its control such as the deterioration of weather conditions.

The loss or damage to baggage also represents a source of inconvenience for passengers using scheduled services by TT Line, pushing them to file a complaint by claiming financial compensation.

According to the reactions and opinions of the overwhelming majority of travelers who have already taken the ships operated by the European company, they showed great satisfaction. However, as the error is human, a minority of customers can experience inconvenience either before, during or after the arrival of their boat, the reasons for which are multiple (lost luggage, canceled trip or late arrival of the boat, etc.) .

A shipping company that has managed to maintain its place among the leaders in its field of activity, undoubtedly has a team that is committed to providing an efficient after-sales service allowing to contribute to the resolution of various problems and disputes between the carrier and travelers.

Several contact means and tools are used by TT Line to facilitate contact between the two parties. 75% of interactions with the customer service of this company are handled electronically (complaints filed and sent by email ( or from the contact form on its website.

The assistants and account managers of this company are ready to receive your complaints by telephone. The number +49.0.450.280.181 is available on working days and hours (from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m).

1 thought on “TT Line

  1. We were travelling regularly with TT-line, but since covid time, the service has decreased significantly. Can’t remember- in last year – to be boarding on time.
    Our last journey was on April 24 at 13:45 from Rostock to Trelleborg. Departure 1,5 hour. My husband is handicapped, we did informed TT-line in advance and our car was signed. The staff saw the sign, but send us to park in the middle of trucks. Thanks god, my husband is able to walk with crutches otherwise no idea how we would manage to the lift. Nobody to help or to give advice!

    The reception was closed, nobody from the staff to help us. When were on the way to the car, the truck already turned on the engine and my husband with the crutches was trying to pass by… for a while really dangerous situation!!!!

    Who is responsible for the safety on the board??? I want some authorities to proof the safety of the customer on your board, which is, in my opinion, beyond the low!!!

    Waiting for your reply,

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