Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Mega Maldives

This airline is the only one that provides passenger transportation from the Maldives to around 30 tourist destinations in Europe and around the world.

To obtain compensation, seeking the help of a lawyer is a necessary step:

In the world of air transport, inconvenience is frequently generated by any airlines. Between delay, cancellation and denied boarding, ... Hundreds of passengers are in injured situations at the airport.

Taking charge of travelers after delaying or canceling their flight does not exclude them from their rights to compensation. However, in order to protect their rights, victims need to be defended by legal experts.

Are you eligible for compensation? Calculate it immediately:

Only the distance traveled by plane which can determine the value of the economic compensation:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

Since the establishment of the European justice law 261/2004 CE, millions of passengers have been able to defend their rights after having been the victim of a mishap while millions of others do not always manage to use it.

Knowing how to use such a regulation gives the passenger the possibility of obtaining money. It’s the only way to compensate them.

Indeed, a battle must be waged to get better compensation. This strongly requires the intervention of a third party who must be a lawyer or even a legal expert.

Flight cancellation

The compensation regulations apply to all European airlines but also to air operators who come from African, American or Asian nationalities including Mega Maldives Airlines.

Based on the duration of the delay displayed on arrival at the final destination, the cost of compensation is also calculated according to the distance traveled by the plane. You should consult the scale above to find out how compensation can be calculated and evaluated.

Basically, delays of less than 180 minutes are not covered by economic compensation.


An overbooked plane is one that receives a number of passengers that exceeds its actual capacity. That makes victims. Travelers are indeed forced to leave their plane. Give up your place against your will? However, the airline offers privileges to travelers who agree to get off the plane to board the next flight. However, that cannot be enough to make up for the harm it caused them. For this, it must offer them compensation in cash.

Missed connection flight

A missed stopover flight? Thousands of travelers complain that they have been delayed by their carrier, missing their connection. The European Union’s parliament is strict on air carriers including Mega Maldives. He imposes penalties on them for delaying passengers missing their connections. By not arriving at the cut-off time, the traveler must stay at the airport for at least three hours to get another seat on another aircraft. This is indeed the minimum time required to become eligible for the financial compensation.

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