Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Laudamotion

Formerly Amira Air, this airline provides services connecting Austrian destinations to the rest of the European continent and several other cities outside the European continent.

Jurists are at the service of victims:

Jurists assist victims in their efforts to obtain compensation. They are not simple procedures, but rather essential procedures for delayed and overbooked passengers, often lost in the legal world.

These legal experts can first help and guide the traveler in the rapid design of his case. Their added value is that they can fully replace the victim in the process leading to obtaining their compensation.

A scale to help calculate compensation

The text of European law details the compensation intended for passengers:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

In order to guarantee and preserve the rights of air passengers, a law has been created to address the various problems that can result from damage in the air transport sector, such as aircraft delays.

European regulations are those that can resolve the most common disputes arising in connection with
flight cancellation or late arrival.

The rules for compensating air consumers are clear, but legal aid is often needed.

Flight cancellation

By canceling his flight, Laudamotion encourages its passengers to choose one of the following two choices:

- Accept his proposals (spend a night at the hotel, get free food, etc.), and get another seat on another flight.

- Cancel the reservation and recover the amount of the part which is not yet used.

Either way, passengers are eligible for compensation. It is a compensation that must be paid independently, by check, transfer or cash.


There are passengers who are delayed because of a problem with the aircraft, bad weather conditions ... as well as others who are thrown out of the plane because of passenger overload on board. Airlines including Laudamotion overbook while trying to monetize their revenues on each of their routes. This practice occasionally causes inconvenience to several passengers. Qualified as moral damages, the victims of overbooking deserve to be compensated financially.

Missed connection flight

Book a flight that includes a transfer? This method is commonly used by passengers to benefit from the lowest fares available on the market. However, traveling on a route combining two routes and served by two or more air operators may result in inconvenience. The connecting flight may be missed because the passenger may arrive late at the second airport, thereby missing their presentation at check-in and boarding.

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