Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Kuwait Airways

With its fleet of 32 aircraft, Kuwait Airways connects its Kuwait hub to forty destinations.

In Europe, KA flies under different skies. It serves Vienna, Rome, Milan, Paris, London, Munich, Frankfurt, Istanbul and Geneva.

Can compensation for harm be obtained without any intervention from the injured party?

When a KA flight arrives late, or is canceled from a European airport, it necessarily entitles you to compensation.

It is essential that a cancellation, delay or overbooking of a flight be repaired. However, you get nothing if you don't defend anything.

Victim of harm because of your Kuwait Airways company? You need a legal expert to accompany and advise you because the road to compensation is rather long and complex, and full of pitfalls.

The wonderful thing is that we can contact these lawyers electronically, they can respond immediately to victims' requests and also help them recognize their harms.

The amount of compensation is not fixed, it depends on what then?

Travel distance only, number of kilometers traveled between the two airports:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

Any inconvenience suffered by an air operator must be repaired. This is the case for delays made by Kuwait Airways which could disrupt your travel plans. The airline with which delayed travelers have contracted is the one that has to pick them up at the airport, and also repair their damage as well.

In order for his request for compensation to succeed, we must first check his eligibility criteria for financial compensation, namely:

- Being a transporter by a European company.
- Take off from an airport in an EU city.
- On landing, the flight was three hours late.

Flight cancellation

At airports, the patience of passengers quickly runs out. The cancellation of their flight probably provokes their anger.

In the event of a suspension of a route, the airline company takes the necessary measures to organize and offer its passengers a replacement flight as quickly as possible.

Passengers who are delayed or overbooked by their Kuwaiti operator from an airport in Europe are entitled to compensation, but most importantly, they should not hesitate to claim it.


Compensation firms have enough knowledge and capacity to defend your complaint against the airline that made you disembark from the plane after overbooking your device. Such damage can only be repaired with the intervention of legal experts who are used to attending expert opinions by choosing the best procedures to defend victims' rights by attacking the airline company, which was responsible for the harm produced.

Missed connection flight

Choosing a flight with a stopover is not always a great idea to fly to your dream destination. Flights with one or more connections generally cost less than direct flights. However, a slight delay in his first plane can cause the loss of his other connections. Compensation of 250, 400 and 600 euros must be paid by the Kuwait Airways carrier for your benefit when the latter is the cause of a delay which caused you to miss your connection flight. It is in your interest to request the delay slip from your operator, as you need it to prove your loss and request compensation.

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  1. Dear Mr, Ms,

    We claim EC 261 compensation for a missed flight connection by Kuwait airways for two people,
    Pirotte Tony X. A. , and
    Deferme Dina F. V.

    We claim minimum 600€ per person , compensation for the mental, physical and financial damage we have suffered by missing a connecting Flight in Kuwait airport and its consequences.

    Booking ref.: LGWZ2F

    In Kuwait airport
    Our flight from Amsterdam Schiphol AirPort KU128 to Kuwait airport,
    On 22 januari 2023 at 14:40
    And flight from Kuwait airport to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport KU411
    On 22 januari 2023 at 23:25
    We missed, we take the next flight on 23 januari 2023 at 15:30 KU413

    On my account number: BE18 7785 9390 2965
    Kind regards
    Pirotte Tony

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