Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Iran Air

The airline Iran Air connects 120 destinations or more every year. It is in possession of a fleet made up of around thirty aircraft offered by the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

Without commitment or file costs, lawyers can defend your file:

Send your claim to a lawyer specializing in airline consumer law? This seems to be the best idea to achieve the repair of his inconvenience.

Together, you can do it! Obtain compensation that can nevertheless compensate for the moral prejudice suffered by the fault of your operator. However, your mission is to transmit your travel details electronically, then you can go jogging and let the legal experts do the rest!

Based on what compensation is assessed?

The compensation is calculated by measuring the distance of the flight:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

Your Iran Air airline may not respect its flight schedules and schedule, and this may well be the result of several unforeseen cases and events (metrological conditions, mechanical, electronic or computer breakdowns, strikes).

It is true that compensation is provided for in article 261/2004 of European law, however, the air carrier must actually be responsible for the delay in the flight. Being delayed due to a snowstorm, tornado, hurricane or even the absence of air traffic controllers, ... all of this does not allow you to have access to compensation.

Flight cancellation

The European regulations are precise in matters depriving or giving access to compensation in the event of the flight being canceled.

A winter storm has hit your departure city? It may be the source of the disruption to your airline's flight schedule including your connection. Indeed, such a factor releases the company from its responsibility to compensate you. On the other hand, flights canceled due to the absence of pilots, mechanical failures of the aircraft are compensable.


Being denied boarding due to overbooking by Iran Air? Some passengers do not react calmly to the decision made by their operator asking them to give up their seats to other passengers. Selling additional seats in anticipation of the absence of four or five passengers on board is the policy that embodies the vision and purpose of air carriers seeking to ensure the best possible income on each of their flights. Authorized, however, by the General Association of Civil Aviation, airlines must compensate overbooked passengers.

Missed connection flight

So many passengers want to take advantage of Skiplagging to travel to any destination. That is, traveling from point A to point B through point C. Connecting flights are generally less expensive than direct connections. However, it can turn things around negatively. Delays in initial flights may prevent travelers from catching their second aircraft, and may miss their connections. Delays causing you to miss a plane without compensable nevertheless.

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