Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Gulf Air

The air carrier that has existed in the Bahraini skies for seventy years. It has maintained its position as the main operator in the Asian country by connecting it to a hundred destinations in Asia, Europe, America and Africa.

Easily repairable inconveniences ... thanks to experienced lawyers:

The inconvenience experienced by airlines is in some cases repairable and in other cases irremediable.

Find out via a simple online procedure if your case is eligible for compensation. If it is Yes, lawyers whose victims of aerial inconvenience are at the heart of their concern, can be reached in a few clicks. Do not hesitate to contact them and give them your file.

What compensation to receive in the event of non-pecuniary damage?

Use this scale to know the remuneration to be received in the event of damage:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

Claim rejected by Gulf Air following a three-hour delay on your flight with the airline from Bahrain? The airline has the right to refuse your request in only one case: It is not in fact obliged to pay its passengers

compensation if the departure of the flight was postponed due to an event or situation or movement described as an exceptional circumstance.

A weather forecast, a strike by those in charge of the control tower, a power outage at the airport, ... outside these circumstances, you are eligible for repair.

Flight cancellation

Several planes remain grounded following a sudden strike by pilots. Demanding a wage increase and improving working conditions in general, the pilots refused to enter the cockpit. The air carrier has no choice but to cancel its flight.

Compensation is provided in this case for canceled passengers. They can complain against their operator. They are entitled to be financially compensated.


Hoping to generate additional revenue, airlines including Gulf Air oversell some of their seats. Passengers may therefore be overbooked. They have to get off the plane to get on another. However, it usually takes four or five hours to organize another flight to the same destination. And it is indeed time that gives entitlement to compensation.

Missed connection flight

In order to travel on the cheap, thousands of travelers prefer flights served indirectly. That is to say flights operated with one stopover. Their cost is often reduced in comparison with those which do not include stopovers. A monetary indemnity covers the passenger in case the latter misses his correspondence. Payment must be made in the currency used to pay the booking fees.

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