Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Great Dane Airlines

Great Dane Airlines, a new Danish airline, established to serve and connect the largest cities in Denmark with the rest of the continent.

Legal experts process your files electronically:

Firms of legal experts whose importance lies in the efficiency of the service provided to the victim and the time taken to process their request for compensation.

Turn directly to your airline to assert your rights? This solution is no longer recommended. Air operators know how to get away from their responsibilities by making travelers believe that they have been victims of major circumstances.

In return, legal experts have solutions for various disputes that may arise while traveling by plane, it is to these that we must turn to defend our interests while saving precious time.

The fixed compensation is determined according to the distance of the flight:

Claim an indemnity? First, find out how much GDA has to offer:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

For airlines, it’s important to make sure their flights depart on time. However, due to unforeseen events, the connection program may be subject to severe disruption, ... Air carriers including Great Dane Airlines do their best to cover such a complicated situation because they know that in case of failure, they must pay money to their customers.

Claim compensation for GDA who was the first responsible for the delay displayed on his flight? The chances of receiving compensation are high, especially if no exceptional circumstances were at the origin of this disturbance.

Flight cancellation

Your flight with Great Dane Airlines did not take place, it is on the list of connections displayed as "canceled" by the airline of Denmark.

How do you know when your flight meets the eligibility criteria for repair? except that it must be operated by an operator based at a European airport or the flight is scheduled from an EU city, the aircraft must not be grounded due to bad weather , hurricane, breakdown at the airport, or other problems that are far from being controllable by operators.


Overselling seats by plane? A practice or even a sales technique adopted by Great Dane Airlines as well as the majority of air carriers seeking to boost their income on each of the flights scheduled during the year. This technique was born from the phenomenon of the absence of air passengers on board. Carriers are now studying the behavior of each passenger registered in their passenger lists, so they plan their absence. However, as the calculators are not always right, everyone can go to the airport for boarding, and then the airline has no other choice but to disembark some passengers from the plane, these are those who have the possibility of being financially compensated.

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