Ask for compensation for your prejudice with French Bee

French Bee, a company which operates more than one hundred long-haul flights each year between Paris-Orly and multiple major tourist destinations including Punta Cana, Reunion Island, French Polynesia, San Francisco, Tahiti Islands, ...

FB flight delayed? Find out quickly if it results in repair.

Damage suffered at the airport? Defending your interests requires the intervention of a legal expert:

Has your airline damaged you? Although the law is by your side, but that is not enough for the latter to be ordered to pay you compensation.

Legal experts intervene exclusively to support the interests of victims of the various inconveniences that may occur when traveling by plane, including flight delays and cancellations, etc. whose purpose is to obtain compensation making it possible to fully compensate for the damage they have suffered. suffered by the fault of their carrier.

Compensation for a canceled or overbooked flight? How we can assess it:

The passenger can get 250 euros for each flight of less than 1500km, or even 600 euros if the mileage is greater than 3500km:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

A French Bee flight delay may be justified by an exceptional circumstance. However, it must be confirmed that this is really a case of force majeure, since the airline company can invoke it to discharge the payment of compensation, as stipulated by regulation CE261 / 2004 defining the rights of arriving passengers to their destination with excessive delay.

The justified delays are those which are not due to events which cannot be handled and controlled by the operators, including the extreme weather, deteriorated landing strip, etc.

Flight cancellation

A significant number of flights are canceled and reported every day at the various airports around the world. The wait for another flight can be very long. Passengers can spend several hours at the airport without any certainty of reaching their destination.

Is your plane grounded? Are you waiting for the airline to give you another one as soon as possible? Don't worry because beyond three hours late, you are entitled to repair.


Fortunately, overbooking, this legal and common practice that affects thousands of passengers each year, is repairable. The French airline French Bee does not have the right to evacuate a passenger from his plane unless it poses a danger to the safety of other travelers or to the crew. So what are the responsibilities of air carriers when their flight is overbooked? First, passengers disembarking from the plane are taken care of by their airline staff, who must provide them with meals and snacks in addition to free communications. Secondly, since overbooked passengers must wait several hours before being able to fly to their destination, this delay displayed on their route is also remedied by compensation.

Missed connection flight

Are you traveling on a line with two or more routes? Your chances of boarding your second flight will decrease if the departure flight is a few minutes late on arrival. If you have already seen your second plane take off without you for lack of delay recorded on your departure flight, then do not let your rights be eaten up. Immediately initiate a complaint procedure to request compensation for your inconvenience.

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