Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Freebird Airlines

Freebird Airlines, an airline which was created to serve regional flights from Istanbul-Atatürk in Turkey. It is present today all over Europe with a network comprising eighty destinations.

Take advantage of your inconvenience by entrusting your case to a lawyer

Passengers always need advice and assistance, and thus to be fairly defended in order to obtain redress corresponding to the degree of influence of the damage which has been caused by their carrier.

In order to acquire the fairest compensation possible, without hesitation, it is necessary to call on the legal experts already managing to settle the thousands of litigation files transmitted by the victims of flight cancellations and overbooking, ...

A scale to determine your financial compensation:

Obtaining a large sum of compensation depends particularly on your journey:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

It’s frustrating to wait impatiently for your plane trip only to learn at the last minute that your flight is going to be a lot late.

Thousands of passengers suffer similar inconveniences every year while only a minority know their rights
What rights do Freebird Airlines passengers have when their plane is delayed by several hundred minutes (three hours minimum)?

Compensate financially delayed travelers, this is what each air carrier must do to repair this dispute, in accordance with rule 261/2004.

Flight cancellation

If your flight has been canceled in the past five years, you can still fix it. However, requesting compensation from your carrier is not that easy. It is preferable to have recourse to specialists in compensation for victims of air injuries.

Obtaining compensation does not depend on your choice between canceling your reservation and requesting a refund or accepting the proposal from your operator, generally offering you a replacement flight, but rather on the duration of the delay recorded on arrival.


Freebird Airlines has denied you boarding, yet you have all the required documents (ticket, boarding pass, etc.) and have you successfully passed through the baggage checkpoint? You are probably overbooked. Your annoyance was the result of an excess of sales. The evacuation of a passenger like you, because of an oversold of air tickets is authorized however by law, but opens access to compensation, as indicated in the European text determining the rights of consumers in the union European.

Missed connection flight

Was your nonstop flight going the way you wanted? Because of the late landing of your first plane, you did not have the opportunity to complete your check-in procedures on the second flight and you subsequently missed your boarding? The obligations of your operator are clear and clear. Freebird Airlines must either find you a seat on another flight serving your destination as soon as possible, or compensate you financially.

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