Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Eastern Airways

Eastern Airways, an airline that has been committed since its creation in 1997 to further develop domestic and private charter services.

By contacting a lawyer ... your chances of getting compensation increase:

To get a few things he really deserves, including damages, the passenger must go to court according to existing rules. However, because he has no idea about the administrative procedures which are generally cumbersome, he ends up giving up everything.

Instead of wasting enormous time in addition to traveling to court, the passenger can opt for other more practical and less costly solutions. Using an expert helps him get his money without making any effort.

How an allowance is assessed:

250 euros is the minimum amount you owe Eastern Airways. Find out what other amounts she owes you when traveling on longer trips:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

Since February 2004, the month in which EU consumer law came into being. Passengers are no longer worried about their rights when their flight is delayed because they know they are compensated by their carrier.

The text created by the European Parliament reinforces the obligations of air carriers, including Eastern Airways when one of their flights does not take off at the agreed time.

The law requires transfers or cash payments for each traveler delayed by three hours.

Flight cancellation

Compensation is provided when the Eastern Airways aircraft remains grounded. A flight cancellation must be repaired by monetary compensation only.

From 120 minutes late, you can expect snacks + refreshments. If after 3 hours, the company does not always manage to organize the flight, the latter therefore becomes eligible for the lump sum compensation.


A charter of rights protects passengers when their flight is delayed, canceled or even when they are disrupted by overbooking. The amount owed by the company to the victim increases with the distance of the connection. The longer the journey, the higher the amount.

Missed connection flight

When traveling on a combined route of several routes, you risk missing one or even several connecting flights. The legislation requires airlines to provide assistance to passengers who miss their plane until they are flown to another plane. In the meantime, travelers can calculate the duration of the cumulative delay on their journey on arrival at the final destination. They can benefit from compensation if they arrive at their final airport 3 hours or more after the time mentioned on their ticket.

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