Corsica Linea: Crossings by boat or ferry to transport you to ten destinations in Europe and Africa

This French shipping company which started its activities in March 2016 has become a major actor of maritime transport in France and in Europe by operating on important lines and axes connecting the main ports of the continent like the old port in Marseille, Taverna in Corsica, Port de Plaisance in Ajaccio and the ports of Bastia, Porto Vecchio, Île-Rousse, Portos Toress, etc.

Managed by CM Holding, its parent company, the French rail transport company has experienced remarkable traffic development. CL has successfully expanded its operations and services offering (passenger, vehicle and freight transportation) by introducing new large capacity vessels.

If Corsica Linea has managed to progress in a market where competition is fierce, its flagship objective is to strengthen its capacities to provide passengers with higher level of comfort, and this includes the services offered on the ground and on board including comfort offered to passengers during the crossing.

With a flag bringing together seven ships, the French company regularly links the various Corsican destinations, but the major coastal cities in Europe and North Africa such as Sardinia, Porto Torres, Algiers and Bejaia in Algeria and Tunis in Tunisia.

1,150 employees have joined the company since its launch. Corsica Linea quickly succeeded in positioning itself as a leader in maritime transport in the Mediterranean area. The European transporter, headquartered in Ajaccio, has two ships for passenger transport, and seven ships dedicated to freight transport.

A customer service quickly dealing with complaints made by dissatisfied passengers

The French transporter is renowned for its ability to win the satisfaction of the most demanding customers. Corsica Linea attaches great importance to listening to and guiding its customers from the first contact, from the choice and booking of their ticket until they get off the ship.

The team responsible for managing customer relations at this company appreciates the opportunity to listen and support passengers whose journey on board the ship did not meet their expectations. Managing an unsatisfied customer is at the center of their concerns.

Professionalism and permanent availability are two elements characterizing customer service managers who collaborate to offer better availability of communication to customers, either for those wishing to book or obtain information on a service offered by the French company, or for those who wish to express their dissatisfaction by complaining of the bad reception, of an absent service, included however in the reservation,… of the inconveniences which are seldom generated but which are always repaired thanks to the intervention of the collaborators in charge of the customer relations service.

There are several communication options available to passengers who want to claim compensation for damage suffered while traveling on a ship operated by Corsica Lina. You can use the form option, chat, as you can send an email or contact the call center by calling 0825.888.088

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