Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Corsair

As soon as it started, your Corsair plane caught fire after being struck by a group of birds, ... The pilots were consequently forced to turn off the engine of the aircraft to avoid a disaster? This is not necessarily your case, however, several other cases can prevent your plane from taking off, resulting in a flagrant delay in arrival. This kind of annoyance causing the delay or cancellation of your trip, gives access to compensation.

Build your file online and request remote compensation:

Reparation for non-pecuniary damage including plane delays or overbooking? In this case, the intervention of a lawyer is undoubtedly essential. Lawyers who can be reached electronically, can intervene for the repair of different types of damage that you may be victim there by traveling by plane.

These legal experts act according to the type of file. They first inform you of your eligibility for reparation and then ask for permission to initiate proceedings, called a claim for the defense of your rights and interests.

Calculate the amount of compensation in two minutes:

The compensation to be paid by an air operator for the repair of an inconvenience is not fixed, but rather variable depending on the flight route:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

Did your Corsair plane not take off until after five or six hours late due to a technical breakdown, as your operator informed you? You must remain calm so as not to cause chaos at the airport, but the most important thing is not to give up your rights. When you experience such an inconvenience, you will have the opportunity to claim compensation.

However, be aware that the airlines are making efforts to prevent you from accessing it.

When the duration of the cumulative delay on your flight reaches two hours, the airline company provides you with food and drinks,… it can even transport you to a hotel to sleep peacefully, moreover, it is your right to stay free of charge and it is also your right to request financial compensation.

Flight cancellation

When traveling by plane, several moral injuries can occur to passengers. Their flights can be delayed or overbooked, and sometimes they never take off,…

The conditions for canceling a flight are stipulated in your travel contract. The airline company has in no case right to cancel or postpone your flight unless it was forced to major forces such as the bad climate, the absence of the air traffic controllers, ...

According to the Consumer Law governing the compensation for victims of moral damages including flight cancellations, Full compensation for the inconvenience is expected, to be settled by the company being at the origin.


Do you want to go to a destination that is only accessible by plane? Indeed, buying a plane ticket, checking in and obtaining your boarding pass no longer guarantees your right to boarding. When an overbooking occurs, the air carrier apologizes for the uncomfortable situation and the inconvenience it has caused to certain passengers. After all, to make up for an inconvenience, apologizing to passengers is far from enough.

Missed connection flight

It is true that your French operator Corsair does its best to respect its departure times, however, due to various factors, your flight may not leave the airport until a few hours later, and sometimes it will not take off never. Therefore, taking a flight with a stopover, the risk of missing a connection increases. When a connection is canceled, a case of force majeure is often invoked by air carriers because they already know that this situation gives rise to repair. However, not all situations are a case of special circumstances. Cancellations caused by system failures or mechanical failures give entitlement to compensation.

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