Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Camair-Co

This air carrier is the only one to serve flights from Cameroon to other African and European countries.

Get compensated in a short time thanks to the solutions of lawyers:

Legal experts are able to accurately assess the inconvenience that occurs when traveling with any airline.

How does the forensic expertise work? It is no longer important to go into detail. Why do it when you are guided by experienced lawyers.

The services provided by these experts are not payable in the event of failure, which further pushes victims to entrust their files to them.

A scale to calculate its compensation

The Cameroonian company must either:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

Snowstorm, thick fog, strong wind, pilots on strike,… so many things can happen suddenly spoiling a trip you can't wait for.

Under the pretext that extraordinary circumstances were at the origin of this unforeseen disturbance, the airline company
Camair-Co can defend itself from not transporting its passengers on time due to the bad weather conditions.

Basically, by not respecting its transport conditions which are mentioned in its sales contract, the airline company must compensate the passenger.

Flight cancellation

In the event of the cancellation of a flight, the Cameroonian company will no doubt reimburse plane tickets. However, that’s not all it owes to its travelers.

All air carriers are expected to organize the flight to the destination chosen by their passengers without disruption. Otherwise, he must assume his responsibilities by offering them compensation.

In order to compensate them, Camair-Co must pay an amount (determined by a scale) for the benefit of each of its customers whose air travel has been canceled.


Any airline that fails to provide seats for certain passengers must provide compensation. Boarding denied because the flight is overbooked? The African air operator must compensate the passengers expelled from the plane. In addition, the costs resulting from overbooking are borne by the airline (overnight stay, food, etc.)

Missed connection flight

Did you miss your second flight because of Camair-Co? This damage generally results either from the delay in arrival of the first flight, or from a denied boarding following an overbooking. Both cases are indeed covered by the flat-rate compensation. Miss a connecting flight? This can make you miss a day of your stay, a night at the hotel (already booked), ... Do not let your carrier escape its responsibilities. The Cameroonian carrier owes you economic compensation.

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