Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Azerbaijan Airlines

Azerbaijan Airlines, an airline which tops the list of air operators serving the former Soviet country.

With a fleet of 32 aircraft, it serves more than one hundred destinations spread across Europe and Asia.

Without commitment, lawyers to provide assistance

Do you have questions about the rights of air consumers? Lawyers will answer you in less than two minutes. Complaining about moral damage caused by Azerbaijan Airlines? You do not need to complain to your operator.

You have the best opportunity to resolve your conflict quickly. Get in touch with lawyers whose skills they have in this area are sufficient to resolve any dispute.

How much your operator owes you:

Ask for compensation each time your flight is delayed:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

We have all heard the stories of major flight delays due to air travel due to various reasons. So as a delayed passenger, how can we deal with this situation?

You may be thinking of contacting a customer service assistant for your company on your way to their office at the airport, ... don't waste your time for nothing. Going for an Azerbaijan Airlines agent, you will be subjugated by the answer he gives you about your rights by making you believe that extreme conditions were at the head of your inconvenience.

Other effective solutions including those offered by legal experts are at your fingertips allowing you to take advantage of such a dispute while preserving your peace of mind.

Flight cancellation

What does an airline like Azerbaijan Airlines owe you in the event of a flight cancellation? It must indeed be confirmed that the latter was able to control the problem causing the suspension of its flight. That is, he has not been disturbed by extreme weather or other adverse conditions which the air carrier cannot manage.

Mechanical problems, for example, give rise to monetary compensation, as do strikes by pilots or cabin crew, etc.


Did your flight overbook? You must respect the restrictions of the crew asking you to leave the plane. However, be aware that you can take advantage of this undesirable situation. Your operator owes you compensation, in cash only. In order to correct this critical problem, Azerbaijan Airlines must offer you compensation which must not be less than 250 euros.

Missed connection flight

What should have been an unforgettable trip can turn into a nightmare by missing a connection. Due to mechanical trouble, your plane remains grounded for an additional hour. It's enough time to miss his second flight. In this case, the same steps to be taken when a flight is delayed or canceled must be carried out so that your rights are defended.

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