Ask for compensation for your prejudice with ASL Airlines France

ASL Airlines France, an airline which operates national and international flights to ten destinations spread over several countries in Europe and Africa including France, Morocco and Algeria, ...

A delayed or oversold ASL Airlines flight? Hurry up, contact a lawyer immediately and inform them about your case, and find out if you are eligible for the lump sum indemnity.

Were you delayed by your operator? Get redress by contacting a claims adjuster

From the constitution of the file until obtaining compensation, lawyers specializing in the field of air passenger rights, offer to defend yourself, guide you and help you repair the damage that has been caused by a plane strike or a mechanical breakdown,…

What scale to calculate the amount of compensation?

Do you want to know how much a repair can bring you? No need to be a genius to calculate it:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

On what condition can compensation be obtained? As detailed in regulation CE261 / 2004, compensation must be paid in favor of delayed passengers. However, compensation is not systematically paid, a complaint procedure must be initiated to obtain it.

Airlines including ASL Airlines France arriving to prove the exceptional circumstances are entitled to refuse to compensate you.

Force majeure is the circumstances which could not have been avoided by carrier although all reasonable measures were taken to take off on time, including tornadoes, snow, volcanic eruption, strike of the personnel responsible on air traffic control,…

Flight cancellation

Passengers have planned everything for the sun of Paris or the picturesque places of Barcelona, ... They discover that their vacation has gone up in the air when they are informed of the cancellation of their flight.

After being informed late of the cancellation of their journeys, passengers suffering from this situation have an interest in claiming compensation for the compensation of their damage.

For your information, certain exceptional situations may cause operators to suspend their connections, including weather conditions, strikes by air traffic controllers, etc. Consequently, no compensation is provided.


Getting kicked out of your plane because it is overbooked? Indeed, the airline has no interest in refusing to board a passenger who has an onboard access card. However, she is obliged to do so when her flight is overbooked. Overbooking, however, is permitted, but it is fortunately covered by compensation. The law provides compensation of several tens of euros for each passenger who has been disembarked from their plane due to a surplus of passengers on board.

Missed connection flight

When a traveler misses his connecting flight due to a delay caused by ASL Airlines, ensuring its initial service, it is up to the latter to take care of its transport to its final destination. Compensation must also be paid by the French company which was behind the delay causing the inconvenience (if the passenger arrived at his last destination with a delay exceeding three hours).

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