Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Armenia Aircompany

An airline based in Yerevan. Created in 2015, it replaces the former national air transport company Armavia which fell into disrepair in 2013.

Receive compensation? Ask for help from lawyers:

Unfortunately, the laws are not always respected. Compensation must however be paid to passengers who have been delayed or overbooked by their carriers, the latter always find exceptions, means to escape their responsibility towards their customers.

Do you need a specialist to help you recover your compensation? You just have to fill in your details and send your request with one click.

A scale is set up to calculate the compensation

The fixed compensation is assessed and fixed according to this scale:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

Thousands of passengers see their journey completely turned upside down every year because of a plane delay: Lost night, day at a spoiled tourist complex, yet it is already booked and paid for, ...

Delays can reach one hundred and twenty minutes, three, four or eight hours and sometimes a day,…
The delay of the planes, it is indeed a phenomenon which occurs regularly for various reasons of which the technical problems of the apparatus, the strikes of the members of the cabin crew, ...

At the airport, have you been told that your flight with Armenia Aircompany will leave at 2:00 p.m. instead of 11:00 a.m.? Find out if the repair access conditions are met by performing an electronic verification operation which can be done in five seconds.

Flight cancellation

With the plane immobilized on the ground, the passengers are present in the departure lounge. They are impatiently waiting for the plane door to open before they can get in and sit in their seats.

In a few minutes, passengers received bad news from the flight attendants informing them that their plane was not going to leave the airport because it was undergoing a maintenance task. A problem suddenly occurred on the aircraft when there were only ten minutes or so left before takeoff.

Regarding the cancellation of routes, the European Parliament intervenes and imposes its laws which defend air consumers.


What to do when an Armenia Aircompany aircraft is overloaded? If an airplane is overbooked, there are surely passengers who are involuntarily disembarked from their flight. If you have taken a flight recently or in the past five years, and it has been overbooked, you are entitled to compensation. According to the rules established by the European Consumer Association in the fight against unfair commercial practices including overbooking, passengers can receive up to 600 euros by losing their seat on the plane.

Missed connection flight

In the event of a missed connection during a flight with a stopover, travelers should inquire about the companies that manage the flight. If it is the same airline company, travelers will benefit from a re-routing to the destination. In the case of various companies, it is the one which caused the delay which must take care of the passengers and compensate them financially ... but the traveler could pay a fee to exchange his flight! The passenger can therefore claim compensation for any delay exceeding three hours. The compensation varies between 250 € and 600 €. The delay is calculated from the initial time of the flight until the arrival of the aircraft at the final destination.

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