Ask for compensation for your prejudice with American Airlines

American Airlines, one of the most famous airlines in the world, operates an airline network of 144 destinations, spread over the different continents of the globe.

In Europe, the Emirati carrier operates around a hundred aircraft to serve 40 destinations including Brussels, Venice, Paris, Copenhagen, Dublin, Prague, Stockholm and Zagreb, ...

American Airlines flights are delayed, but are covered by compensation but often neglected by air operators.

Lawyers are always ready to supervise your file:

Startups that are fully committed to the benefit of travelers using the aircraft to travel throughout Europe, offer their services of defense and repair of the various damages including cancellations and overbooking.

Compensation for the compensation of your injury? Calculate it in five minutes:

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< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Accumulated delay on the flight

If a delay is displayed on a flight because of a last-minute cause such as bad weather or a reactor problem ... the airline must still assume its responsibilities towards its passengers by offering them compensation.

If a flight lands 120 minutes after the scheduled time (which is mentioned on the air ticket), the passenger can not claim compensation, but rather a care including meals, drinks and phone calls, ...

Flight cancellation

Stuck for several hours at the bottling? The passenger may not be able to arrive at the agreed time at the airport, he is exposed to the risk of not being able to complete his travel procedure, he can therefore miss his boarding. In a similar case, it is the traveler who must assume responsibility in case he can not catch his plane. Moreover, it is up to his airline to compensate him in case it was at the origin of the cancellation of his trip. For example, his flight is postponed due to a technical problem detected in the cockpit during his take-off, the absence of commercial flight crews initiating a strike, ...

In addition to taking care of all passengers stranded at the airport, the American airline is also supposed to offer them a reparative allowance (in cash only).


Travel by plane ? It can be a perfect decision to travel to the destination you dreamed of a long time ago, as it can be a decision you regret taking it. When is your plane overbooked? The airline asks a dozen passengers to get off the aircraft. It is possible that you are chosen among many others to leave the apparatus because the seat which you had reserved does not exist. For information, even if the carrier convinced you to give up your place in exchange for certain benefits (catering, accommodation, ...) and promised you to find a seat on the next aircraft deployed to your destination, ... All this do not free her to compensate you.

Missed connection flight

A failed correspondence? Receiving such information at the airport is enough to ruin his trip. Missing a match because of American Airlines can be related to two different assumptions: The cancellation or late arrival of the flight representing the first route of the link. Fortunately this inconvenience is also repaired by the regulation of the European Parliament 261/2004 to protect the rights of air consumers traveling in the European Union.

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