Algerie Ferries: Hundreds of services to Europe

The maritime transport company in Algeria transports hundreds of thousands of travelers every year, with its ships which connect four national ports to four ports in Europe: From Oran, Algiers, Skikda and Bejaia and Annaba to Alicante and Barcelona, Marseille and Genoa.

The African shipping company has a fleet of five ships with a capacity varying between 206 and 1,800 passengers, baptized: Elyros, Tariq Ibn Ziyad, Tassili II and Seraidi, a small boat dedicated to urban transport, allowing travelers to reach the different coastal cities of the country benefiting from a faster transport service.

Nearly four hundred international crossings are scheduled during the summer season each year to transport nearly two hundred thousand passengers to the best coastal cities in Europe.

The ships which the Algerian company mobilizes to ensure the routing of travelers can accommodate more than three hundred thousand vehicles each year.

The Algerian maritime transport company has contributed greatly to the progress and evolution of tourist activities in the country. Its lines are used by thousands of foreign tourists every year.

A team of assistants and advisers who know how to manage dissatisfied customers

Huge efforts are made and deployed by the crews of Algerie Ferries to make the journeys of its customers on board its ships go as they imagined, however, as error is sometimes inevitable, some passengers complain of deplorable conditions before or during their trip causing them to file a complaint against the company: Delay of the ship, passengers mistreated by the reception agents, baggage delivered late, broken or damaged, etc.

The Algerian company has its own solutions to manage customer dissatisfaction, and turn glitches into nuggets. Algérie ferries has a team of advisers, assistants and customer complaints officers who are ready to speak to dissatisfied passengers at any time by answering their questions and requests for information about a service that corresponds not waiting for them, at any time.

File your complaints and complaints remotely

Customer Service managers pay attention to all comments you make about a service offered on board or on the ground (regarding a ticket reservation, purchase of products offered by the company, etc.).

The sense of contact and sale, resistance to stress, discretion, … and many other characteristics belonging to the essential qualities of the collaborators in the customer service of this maritime transport company who know how to adapt to different situations and react with blood cold. They liaise with passengers by phone, email or postal mail. They can investigate and respond to all complaints from you and other customers and turn them into satisfaction.

At the company in the North African country, the customer advisers are brought to work in the evenings, and even on public holidays, just to make sure to answer your questions and address your concerns by providing you with the explanations requested following the inconvenience that you had suffered before reaching your destination.

Contact his call center at Tel: + / (77/78) or send your complaints to

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