Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Air Sénégal

This airline connects Senegal to all of Africa and to Europe also thanks to its fleet comprising six planes making it possible to operate on short, medium and long distance routes.

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Your inconveniences are now monetized:

Get money by claiming financial compensation from your carrier:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

Air Senegal reserves the right to change the schedules of its flights. The African company has the possibility of delaying its connection, however, it must first justify that the decision was taken because cases of force majeure or extraordinary conditions have appeared, which are effectively beyond its control. Except these conditions, the carrier is accused of not respecting his travel contract, he must consequently compensate any traveler registered on his flight.

Compensation can be significant. Delayed passengers can have up to six hundred euros in their pockets when traveling on a long haul.

Flight cancellation

A cancellation or modification made by the carrier Air Senegal to its flight schedules less than fourteen days before departure? This case gives rise to repair. Passengers do have access to compensation.

The companies which are not able to prepare another flight for their travelers after three hours, must compensate them financially, in accordance with the European text defining the rights of consumers in the European Union.


Difficulties at the airport due to overbooking? No doubt, this case pushes the passenger to file a complaint against his operator. Complain that the airline denied him boarding (even securing a seat on the next flight)? It is a necessary step to be able to defend your rights and interests with your operator. File a complaint against Air Senegal? This is the only solution to push her to pay you compensation.

Missed connection flight

Have you ever seen your plane take off on the tarmac while you have not yet passed through security at the airport? Know that you are in this case eligible for compensation. Air Senegal must take care of you at the airport but also compensate you if it is the cause of your damage. Missed connections cause a significant delay on arrival, which is why passengers are entitled to compensation.

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  1. This airline left me and my husband (along with about 50 other people) stranded in conakry, GUINEA on January 10. They closed their registration last minutes and claimed that the flight was overbooked and someone will come over after to rescheduled. about an hour later one of their rep came by to state that their conpagny have decided to not reschedule flight because everyone was late. Please got frustrated and chaos started. the local authorities got involved. The company left us there at the aeroport with no explanation and as of now they refuse to refund the tickets. I have all the videos that were taking at the aeroport with the agents and the local police and even with their reprensentative ( the following day at their office). They still refuse to take responsability for this disaster. Please help. This company need to be held accountable for their actions. PLEASE HELP

    1. Women are treated poorly and being pregnant seems to be a crime to them. I came to the check in desk traveling to Nouakchott and was asked if I was pregnant. When I responded yes, I was asked for a “pregnancy certificate”. I couldn’t provide one because while traveling to Senegal, I wasn’t asked for a certificate. The woman at the desk gave me the run around and made me go to their emergency room to get a pregnancy certificate. When I got there, the doctor told me he couldn’t provide me with one of I didn’t have my pregnancy documentation telling him how many months I am. I cried hard and asked the airline if there is anything I could do. All of the workers started yelling at me telling me it’s my fault for not having my paperwork. To say the least, the airline is HORRIBLE!!!!!! They have no respect or sympathy for women. No customer service at all. All they care about is themselves. DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM!!!!!!!

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