Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Air Guyane Express

Air Guyane, an airline company which offers regional flights, the hub of which is at Félix-Éboué International Airport.

Your damage is assessed by experts:

Serving passengers who did not arrive at their destination at the agreed time ... travelers who were prohibited from boarding the plane due to overbooking, ... These lawyers can resolve the various legal issues arising from conflicts with air carriers based in different airports around the world.

Legal experts propose to take care of your specific file entirely at the request for compensation.

Find out how much the French carrier must pay you:

Use the scale below to calculate your compensation:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

Delayed flights? It has always existed. This phenomenon accelerates especially during the summer season when air travel reaches its peak.

Several factors can influence the smooth running of your plane trip: Disruption at the control tower, absent pilots, PNC strike, inappropriate weather conditions, natural disasters,…

Flights delayed by three hours logically give the right to monetary compensation. It remains to be confirmed that they meet the conditions drawn up by the European Parliament:

- The airline must be of a European nationality (EU) or the flight is operated from an airport of the European Union.

Flight cancellation

An airline should always be able to notify passengers of a change in flight schedules or dates in advance. Otherwise, they are entitled to be compensated.

Except for cases which are beyond its control, Air Guyane is obliged to pay compensation to each traveler whose flight meets the conditions for access to financial compensation. However, by notifying them two weeks in advance, passengers are deprived of any right to compensation.


However, you have all the necessary and necessary documents to board the plane, but the airline refused you? Your flight is therefore overbooked. Be aware that such an inconvenience caused by Air Guyane Express is repairable. You are eligible for denied boarding compensation. Under the European legislative text, the French carrier owes you at least 250 compensation. The longer the journey, the greater the financial compensation. In addition to this allowance, the airline is expected to cover your other costs at the airport (meals, hotel, etc.)

Missed connection flight

Taking a stopover flight is not always a good decision. It allows you to travel on the cheap, but you risk losing your calm and serenity. You should always expect the worst when combining a flight, especially if the route is served by many airlines. The passenger will be pressed for time, a slight delay may cause him to miss his connection. However, connecting flights that are missed by the passenger at the last minute entitles him to be compensated by his carrier.

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