Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Air Archipels

The airline Air Archipels offers services connecting the different corners of French Polynesia. With its fleet of a size of five aircraft, it serves fifty different destinations.

Obtain compensation effortlessly thanks to the services and solutions provided by lawyers:

With a specialization in air consumer rights, legal experts do not hesitate to exploit their skills for the benefit of victims of air inconveniences including cancellations, delays and my denied boarding, ...

Do you suffer damage from your air operators on a recurring basis? Contact lawyers as soon as possible. Claim your rights electronically and get compensation without making any effort.

Air Archipels owes you compensation? Rate it online

Compare the distance of your flight to that of the scale and find out the amount of your compensation:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

Claim compensation when their departure is delayed by three hours? Passengers absolutely have to complain about arriving at their destination too late. In the event of a theft of less than one thousand five hundred kilometers, they have the possibility of claiming compensation of 250 euros.

The amount to be offered by Air Archipels to compensate its travelers can be even greater when traveling on a medium or long haul.

While specifying that each carrier can decline all responsibility towards its passengers by proving that the delay in his flight was the result of the occurrence of a case of exceptional circumstances.

Flight cancellation

Get money after being canceled by your airline? It is not an illusion to repair inconvenience with financial compensation.

By canceling their flight, passengers miss important events (meeting or work meeting, overnight stay, etc.), they logically deserve to be compensated.

Important: Canceled connections may not be covered by European law 261/2004 EC in case the disturbance was the result of weather conditions which are not suitable for air transport.


An overbooked plane is one that accommodates a number of passengers exceeding the number of its seats. This phenomenon is the result of excess sales. Airlines including Air Archipels use it to ensure maximum gain on each of their flights. An airline that disembarks a passenger from the plane without a reliable reason must compensate them in monetary terms. All the time you waste at the airport can be compensated and monetized. However, designing or putting together a complaint file necessarily requires the intervention of a lawyer.

Missed connection flight

From time to time, you have no choice but to combine routes to get to your destination. Unpleasantness can consequently be generated. Generally, check-in procedures should take place at the airport of call. By arriving late, the passenger cannot access the check-in, he then misses his plane. Covered by European consumer rights regulations, missed correspondence always gives rise to compensation.

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