Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Titan Airways

This airline operates and services charter flights from Essex Airport in the United Kingdom.

Compensation specialists support you

The countries of the European Union are giving themselves the means to have effective justice. By traveling with an airline in Europe or with another operator departing from a European airport, you are protected against the various types of damage and inconvenience that may occur before boarding or taking off the aircraft.

However, there is still a need for a competent person (lawyer or legal expert, etc.) who knows European law by heart, defending air consumers and protecting their interests. The interesting thing is that finding a lawyer takes no more than eight minutes, electronically.

Use this schedule to calculate the amount you owe Titan Airways

It is according to the distance of the flight that you can assess your inconvenience:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

Due to a medical condition, the pilot of Titan Airways became unfit to fly the plane, the airline was forced to replace him. It is an operation which indeed requires several hours before the plane can again move on the tarmac.

Thousands of flights are affected by excessive delays each year, 70% of which result in real monetary compensation.
Delays in flights served by the British carrier open access to different rights including food, hotel accommodation and financial compensation.

Flight cancellation

Your flight with Titan Airways is suspended. Your plane is not going to get air. The airline apologizes and promises to find you a place on the next flight. However, mobilizing another aircraft usually requires a lot of

time. The airline of Great Britain must succeed in transporting you to your destination as quickly as possible to avoid compensating you.

Any late arrival of an aircraft gives rise to financial compensation if the cumulative delay exceeds three hours.


Losing your seat on a Titan Airways plane? This can only be due to one reason which is overbooking. The compensation is available to passengers who are deliberately excluded from their plane. They are not compensated by the fact that they are overbooked, but because they will arrive with a long delay. They can claim compensation for passengers who have suffered delays of up to three hours on landing. Giving up your seat by plane can be a good plan for the passenger, which can delay their arrival against a large sum of money which increases according to the distance of their journey.

Missed connection flight

For any missed connecting flight, the passenger has the option of claiming compensation of € 250, € 400 or € 600, depending on the route traveled by his plane ... under European regulations. Any delay which is the cause of damage, not caused by weather conditions or other cases of force majeure, gives the right to claim compensation ... flights must still be on the same reservation! In some cases, the missed connection is the fault of the traveler. This logically does not give him access to monetary compensation.

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