Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Saudia

Saudia or Saudi Airlines, the leading airline in Saudi Arabia, owns one of the youngest and most modern fleets in Asia, made up of 148 aircraft, including 22 large aircraft.

Operating several destinations in Europe, flights served by the Asian carrier with delays affecting passenger travel are eligible for the flat-rate compensation, and the same is true for canceled connections and overbooked flights.

Repairing damage without leaving home? How it works?

Thanks to remote assistance services, offered by qualified lawyers, it is no longer difficult to negotiate compensation for the inconvenience suffered before departure. In addition, it is no longer important to meet with a legal expert. A complaint can be made in two minutes, thus, effective solutions are reported to the remote passengers, for the compensation claim and the defense of its interests.

Damage suffered at the airport, how much to repair it?

Here is a scale to assess the amount repairing your inconvenience:

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

It may be that a few minutes before departure, damage occurs by forcing the pilots to ground their planes.

A delay that appears on your Saudia connection due to a failure of the aircraft engine system, or due to the lack of on-board personnel, must be repaired by your Saudi carrier, and this is only possible. with the payment of compensation to the beneficiary of the victim.

The company must provide full support to passengers and also pay them compensation if their plane remains grounded after three hours.

Flight cancellation

When you got to the airport, everything was going as planned. The passage to the security check proceeded without problem… So while waiting for the opening of the boarding gate, you discover with surprise, on the bulletin board that your flight with Saudia that you have waited for a long time has been canceled and probably postponed ?!

Are you upset? Calm down because it is very possible that your inconvenience is transformed into a sum of a hundred euros
Find out if your flight is eligible for the flat-rate compensation by filling out a simple online form.


When a flight is overbooked, some passengers are asked to abandon their seats, the airline may have difficulty convincing them because they have a valid reservation title, and no one can force them to leave the aircraft. Indeed, in order for this damage to be repaired amicably, the company is doing its best to convince certain travelers to give up their reservation in exchange for certain services in addition to compensation. Indeed, the privileges offered by the carrier against the seat given by the traveler have nothing to do with the compensation that he must settle in his favor, and this from a delay of 3 hours.

Missed connection flight

Although each time you buy a plane ticket, you accept the conditions of the contract established by your operator, including information on reservations and certain restrictions to be respected by the traveler including arrival at the airport and presence at the boarding gate before the deadline. However, the company must in return respect its travel schedules. Arriving late at a destination can disrupt your travel plan, and it can have a more serious impact than expected when the delay makes you miss your connection. What happens when you can't catch your plane? Usually, the airline that is causing this annoyance promises you to find a place on the next plane deployed to your final destination. In fact, you must take a look at your watch and confirm that the cumulative delay on your journey has not exceeded three hours because if this is not the case, you are eligible for repair.

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