Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc is one of the largest and most important airlines in Africa. With a fleet of more than 40 aircraft including 36 Boeing 737 New Generation aircraft, it serves more than eighty destinations in 26 cities in Europe.

Several flights operated by the air carrier of the Moroccan kingdom record each year delays of more than one hour, two hours or even three hours on its flights, ...

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According to the Consumer Protection Act in the EU, planes that do not leave the airport runway after 180 minutes are covered by an allowance.

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> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

It is true that the airlines whose RAM are doing their best to improve the punctuality of their flights. This can help them minimize delays that may affect their traffic, but the risk of arriving late for any destination is still there.

In Europe, passengers are financially compensated when they suffer flagrant delays, considered important by law 261/2004, when they exceed three hours.

From the moment the flight accumulates a delay of five hours, passengers are entitled to get off the plane, ask for the total refund of their ticket + compensation.

Flight cancellation

Endless queues, passengers sleeping in sleeping bags, give the impression that some travelers do not always find their way to the boarding gate.

Canceled passengers can not swallow their frustration. The airport police sometimes have to intervene to control this intense situation.

In similar cases, passengers are often poorly informed. While they are supported by their carrier, but by the way, they have never properly informed of their rights including financial compensation.


The risk of overbooking is always present, and increases when you fly regularly. An overbooked flight implies that some passengers have no possibility of entering the plane because their seats are already saturated. Victim of similar harm? Make sure you do not lose your tickets, including the boarding pass and plane ticket, as you will need them to claim compensation.

Missed connection flight

This damage caused by the airline Royal Air Maroc to passengers traveling on a flight including a correspondence, is usually repaired. Any compensation claimed by travelers missing their correspondence must be settled unless the company has been able to prove that the inconvenience was due to exceptional circumstances.

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