Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Mahogany Airline

Mahogany Air, an airline recently taking up air in Zambia. It is the main airline company in the East African country.

For quick processing of your claim, contact an online lawyer

A legal expert is a natural person with the capacity to defend people who do not have the capacity to defend their interests and rights not respected by their carriers.

Law firms online? Their added values is the ability to accompany passengers, design their files, execute the necessary procedures for them, and defend them remotely, ...

A scale for calculating compensation

Find out through a simple comparison how much you owe Mahogany Air

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

Flying can be fun as well as it can be stressful. Using this means of transport can ruin vacations, appointments made by passengers, etc.

Various factors, situations, etc. can disrupt your travel by Mahogany Air plane. Bad weather, for example, can cause delays, and this can have serious consequences for the rest of your trip (overnight stay spoiled at the hotel, missed important meeting, ...)

Indeed, bad weather is not considered as a reliable cause giving right to compensation, unlike mechanical breakdowns or any other problem produced within the company including the strikes of the cabin crew.

Flight cancellation

The cancellation of a flight can anger passengers, causing them stress which is difficult to manage ... this is why the European Parliament has established a law defending consumers by requiring that air carriers pay compensation in favor of their passengers.

In many cases, one is eligible to obtain a sum of money intended to compensate for the damage arising from the interruption of one's journey.

Meanwhile, passengers whose flights are suspended are in a position to request airport assistance, receive food and free accommodation near the airport.


Flight overbooking, this business strategy that makes airline companies happy and hurts passengers, is a legal practice, which is surprising for air passengers who get kicked out of their plane. Indeed, there is no compelling reason to justify overselling the seats. Air operators, for their part, do not plan to abandon it, in particular that it generates thousands of additional euros on each route. To deal with this critical situation, the European Parliament has passed a legislative measure defending the rights of travelers overbooked by any operator (including Mahogany Air) by giving them the right to claim compensation in money.

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