Crossings served by modern boats to reach countless destinations in Europe

A shipping company that has reigned on the seas for fifty years. From its first crossing served in 1967, it regularly sailed on the Aegean and Adriatic seas, offering incomparable comfort.

The ANEK LINES fleet consists of eleven luxurious and modern ships, ready to offer you a safe and comfortable journey. Come aboard and discover the comfort and luxury of maritime transport whenever you feel like it.

The company of Greece has managed to relive the maritime tradition of its island which dates back to the Minoan era. It has always succeeded in meeting the objective of winning and maintaining the confidence of its passengers.

ANEK continues to serve its lines connecting the main ports of Europe with impressive rates. Its large contemporary fleet and its pioneering character make its shipping routes an original model for all of Europe.

The Société Maritime Anonyme de Crète, a pioneer who occupies a dominant position in the coastal navigation sector.

The company has a fleet of ultramodern passenger boats that offer high quality services, on short, medium and long distance lines.

If ANEK offers crossings to reach your favorite destinations, it also offers bus shuttles from the port of arrival to the most essential places in your destination.

Management of passenger complaints online and by phone, an expert team effectively managing customer relationships

This company ensures the assessment of market needs in order to be able to meet the most demanding standards of the maritime transport sector, however it strives to be close to its customers, meet their needs, guide and support them when a few unexpected things happen.

Do an online complaint process? This is possible thanks to the electronic complaint processing service launched by the Greek company, allowing travelers, those experiencing inconvenience such as delays or receiving the wrong information specifying that their crossing would be canceled, …

The complaints and complaints brought against this company can be related to other prejudices such as the loss of the luggage or their damage, bad reception, incomplete service, …

This service allows travelers to settle their disagreement with the Balkan carrier with confidence, no physical contact is necessary. Complainants receive responses to their complaints within hours of submitting their complaints.

You can also submit a complaint to express your dissatisfaction by telephone. Just call the following number +30.210.419.74.70. Telephone support is open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For ANEK, customers are always right, its team of customer representatives is always listening to them, ready to deal with their complaints and manage their dissatisfaction, whether by electronic form, by chat or by email:

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