Ask for compensation for your prejudice with Air Caraïbes

Air Caraïbes serves regular flights to the Antilles and Guyana. It deploys a fleet of 13 aircraft to thirty six destinations including Lyon, Nîmes, Nantes, Port-au-Prince, Paris, Papette and Santiago de Cuba.

AC flight eligible for lump sum compensation? This is possible when a delay of three hours is displayed on a service served by the Caribbean company.

Boarding denied against your will? Contact a lawyer immediately

With several years of experience in the defense of the rights of air consumers, lawyers have mastered the legislative texts allowing access to compensation in the event of damage suffered during air travel, including flight cancellations and overbookings .

Dedicated exclusively to the defense of travelers' rights, they can make you claim compensation and receive your money, without even moving from your chair!

Still not sure how compensation can be assessed? Find out on our site:

Find out the compensation for your loss by comparing your trip distance to that of the following trips (in kilometers):

< 1500 Km => 250 €
≤ 3500 Km => 400 €
> 3500 Km => 600 €

Late Flight

Your Air Caraïbes plane was five hours late? You can of course be reimbursed. In addition, your company must also ensure the transfer to your place of departure. However, have you ever heard of compensation? Indeed, this is compensation that each air operator is supposed to pay to all passengers arriving at their destination with a delay of 3 hours.

Although they are defended by an official European regulation, but passengers must initiate a procedure for the claim of their rights which are frequently overlooked by air carriers.

Flight cancellation

Due to lack of personnel, a problem detected in the cockpit, your plane cannot take off, it may even never take off!

A flight cancellation can cause an earthquake of discontent for passengers stranded for several hours or even a day at the airport. However, this nevertheless repairable situation allows the traveler to claim compensation which can amount to 250 euros for short distance flights and 600 euros for long distance connections.


Sell a number of airline tickets that exceeds the number of seats on the aircraft? This is called overbooking, and it always causes inconvenience to some passengers. An overbooking is the result of a miscalculation by the airline. Anyone can arrive on time, some passengers are therefore obliged to leave their seat in exchange for compensation or certain privileges offered by the company serving the flight. Although the air carrier takes care of passengers stranded at the airport, it must be able to offer them seats in another plane before the delay exceeds 180 minutes, because outside this delay, passengers overbooked persons become eligible for additional compensation.

Missed connection flight

Traveling on an Air Caribbean line with two or more plane tickets? This seems a good idea for passengers wishing to travel on a low budget. The cost of flights with stopovers is much cheaper compared to the prices of direct flights. In the event of a delay recorded during the first departure, the passenger may not be able to catch up with his second plane, he consequently misses his connection. A failed connection? This damage is also repaired by European consumption law, providing compensation for passengers, which varies according to the distance in kilometers of their journey.

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