A company that allows you to cross the Adriatic Sea at low cost

Adria Ferries, a shipping company of Italian origin which today serves several lines and maritime connections between the various Italian ports, but also to Albania, by connecting them to the port of Durres.

The company provides daily and other services operated on a weekly basis since 2004.

The activities of the Italian maritime transport company have improved, in particular after the conclusion of a partnership with Grandi Navi has enabled it to expand its network and thus expand its fleet which today includes three ships intended for passenger transport , and others which are dedicated to freight services and activities.

The Italian carrier strives to provide its customers with a different and authentic travel experience. Cabins, restaurants and entertainment systems,… everything is done so that passengers can experience the best possible comfort during their crossing.

Imagine that the various boats operated and deployed by Adria Ferries on its domestic lines or those to Albania are equipped with shops offering products from the best brands in Italy (clothing, cosmetic products, high-end perfumes, …) .

Accessible customer service on different channels

Travel in imagined and planned comfort, arrive on time at your destination, collect your luggage in its original state,… what all passengers using the crossings organized by Adria Ferries hope for the good reputation that has acquired the Italian maritime operator since the start of its activities in 2004. However, things do not always go as planned.

In any case, the Italian company is listening to disgruntled passengers, wishing to succeed due to the late arrival of their ship, the deterioration of their luggage or the damage of their objects stored in it, or in case of incomplete service.

A team made up of several advisers and customer relations officers, dedicated full time to processing and analyzing your complaints and claims. A bilingual Customer Relations service is offered to travelers. Customer support managers can chat with you in two different languages: Italian and English.

Canceled trips, postponed crossings for different reasons, passengers are entitled to have explanations and claim compensation in the event of inconvenience, but first confirming that this is not related to an extraordinary cause or circumstance, d ‘an impossible situation the company faced. For example, degraded weather conditions forcing them to change their departure times.

Motivated advisers who receive your complaints by phone and email

At Adria Ferries, the members in charge of customer support are used to handling complaints lodged by passengers of various nationalities because of problems relating to ticket reservations, delivery of luggage, reception or missing service, etc.

Bilingual service and support are offered and accessible to passengers through various channels:

Phone: 071.502.11.621

Email: info@amt-agency.com

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